hi we still exist.


Anonymous said: I really need help. My P3s that i want to kill off have not been fed and were not put in houses but aren't dying. Why can't I kill them?! :(

no seriously, just leave them there - they’ll die eventually. 


Trying to post screenshot to profile.. eternal circle of nothing happening -_-

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Circle of death.



this is a lot more accurate

That’s more like it.
Wow, we’ve kind of neglected this. Sorry!

Does anyone have anymore tips, screenshots, art?

Submit away!


Anonymous said: Whenever I take a pic in my habi and click 'post to my ser lookup' a circle swirls but nothing happens. >.<

Ah, honestly I don’t know much about doing that.

Does anyone else?


This mootix has been eating for like four hours.
what are you doing

naknakglubthip-deactivated20120 said: how much exp do you need to make a purple gem? I'm level 49 and would like to know, please :3

At level 50, every time you gain 1000 exp, you get a purple gem, which is worth 500 np. :) 


the-faggiest-xweetok said: Heyo! I'm just throwing this out there: my username is ben_eli. My habi is lvl 50 and it functions pretty well so I usually have extra hospitals, barracks, storage huts, etc. I give them out on request or just for fun if I have too many sometimes. I also don't raid and help out when I remember, usually every day or other day. Ya'll should add me. :3

Add away, my little habi players!